What's on?

We meet regularly together for worship, Bible study and fellowship. You would be very welcome to join us.

Sunday 3.30pm (at Lapworth Village Hall)

Our main service of worship is on Sunday afternoon. Through prayer, praise & worship we thank God and encourage each other to live the life that Jesus asks us to lead. Baptised members meditate on the death, resurrection and future return of Jesus, through the simple act of sharing bread and wine.

Sunday 6pm (at Lapworth Village Hall)

If you are new to the Bible or to putting Christ’s teachings into practice, then join us on a Sunday evening for our Bible Hour. Led by our own members and by speakers from across the country we deal with a range of subjects in a variety of formats. Feel free to chat over coffee and light tea before if you have the time. 

Tuesday 8pm (at Lapworth Old School)

Our Bible Class deals with topics in more depth. You can guarantee a healthy discussion, as we don’t all agree on everything! Again we have a variety of speakers from our community across the country.

Learn to read the Bible effectively seminar series; Wednesdays from 8pm (at the Regency Hotel)

See our seminar pages for full details. 

For kids...
Sunday School; Sunday 3:20-4:45pm (at Lapworth Village Hall

Sunday School runs during term time, where children are welcome from aged four.

We split the children into different age groups for Bible stories, craft activities and role-play. We currently have six classes with a variety of ages ranging upto senior school students. Whilst enjoying the activities, the children are encouraged to think about how their actions affect other people and to learn from the examples that Jesus left for us all to follow.

Treasure Tots; Tuesday 9.30-11.30am (at Earlswood Village Hall)

Informal fun time for parents and toddlers. Any children or babies of preschool age – and their parents of course! – are welcome. Join with us for stories, activities and singing.

Youth Groups; Fridays from 6:45pm

See Youth Groups page for full details. 

Daily Readings

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