Our work in Africa

‘If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?’

1 John 3 verse 17
Africrafts was set up in 1987 by Ron and Betty Sealey whilst in Sierra Leone on mission work.   Africrafts aim is to provide a way for African Christadelphians to earn money to provide for the basic necessities of life.
Africrafts does this in two ways, first by buying crafts from Africa and then selling them in the UK or elsewhere.   The second is through Africrafts Direct which was set up approximately 2 years ago to help African Christadelphians earn a living in their home villages by providing them with the skills needed or equipment to use the skills already acquired.  

In Zambia Africrafts supports a crafts school where Christadelphians from Zambia and other countries are sponsored to attend and learn craft skills which they can then take back to their own towns and villages.   At present we offer courses in carving, animal husbandry, leatherwork and tailoring/sewing.    These courses are run by local Christadelphians who are skilled in these crafts, thus giving them employment.  
We also support self help projects in other countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and Sierra Leone, projects such as taxi businesses, fishing projects, furniture making and sewing services, all of which help the participants themselves and give a percentage back to the ecclesia so all may benefit.   Full up to date details of these projects can be seen on our new website at www.africrafts.org.uk 

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Today: 23 January 2018