Our Beliefs

We believe that...

There is one God who is the creator of the whole world

The Bible is the Word of God

Jesus is the Son of God

Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins

Jesus rose from the dead and is alive

Jesus will return to the earth to establish God’s Kingdom

Through faith in Jesus you too can share in God's Kingdom


Find out more

Link Description
www.thechristadelphians.org This is the main Christadelphian web site with links to other ecclesial web sites in the UK.
www.dailyreadings.org.uk A site with Bible study notes on the daily readings submitted by Christadelphians. The Bible readings can be read or even listened to in a number of versions.
www.ukchristadelphians.org.uk Locate your nearest Christadelphians meeting by clicking on a map or entering your postcode.
www.weeklyworldwatch.co.uk A site devoted to watching the world events leading up to the return of Christ to the Earth. Each week a PowerPoint presentation is produced with events from the weeks news and scripture verses that show how they might be significant.
www.learnbible.net Lots of information on the Christadelphians and our beliefs and also a great course for learning how to read the Bible yourself.
www.biblequizzes.org.uk Features a wide variety of quizzes and puzzles, with the opportunity to request free offers, including Glad Tidings and daily reading bible bookmarks.


Daily Readings

Today: 23 January 2018