Bible talks for you to listen to on-line or download.


We have selected a number of talks which we have published as podcasts. Some of the podcast files may include a copy of the speaker's presentation slides which can be viewed when listening with iTunes. Use the links below to visit Wythall Christadelphians in the iTunes Music Store or to subscribe to the podcasts:

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Direct Downloads

If you would prefer, you can download the podcast files directly using the links below:

Public Lectures

What is God like & Why we should be like him Listen Download 30 mins
The Problem of Suffering Listen Download 42 mins
The Coming of the King Listen Download 35 mins
Why the Bible is special - Some amazing facts Listen Download 43 mins
The Sacrifice of Christ Listen Download 35 mins

Who is on the Lord's Side - Steven Whitehouse

Standing firm with our Lord Listen Download 43 mins
Agag - Our personal adversary Listen Download 42 mins
Every David has his Goliath Listen Download 44 mins
Holding fast in hard times Listen Download 48 mins
With Jesus at Calvary - Exhortation Listen Download 42 mins

Ruth For Youth - Bro Darren Guy - Youth Weekend 2013

Story and the Context Listen Download 58 mins
Loves Commitment Listen Download 41 mins
Love Rewarded Listen Download 47 mins
Lessons for us (Workshop Introduction) Listen Download 10 mins

Revelation Series

Introduction to Revelation - Mike Ashton Listen Download 55 mins
Rev Part 2 - The First Great Earthquake - Pete Scott Listen Download 55 mins
Rev Part 3 - The Trumpets - Phil Brown Listen Download 35 mins
Rev Part 4 - The Two Witnesses - Barry Dray Listen Download 35 mins
Rev Part 5 - The Beasts - Rich Griffin Listen Download 44 mins
Rev Part 6 - The Seven Vials - Roger Long Listen Download 1hr 3 mins
Rev Part 7 - The 3rd Great Earthquake - David Kirby Listen Download 47 mins
Rev Part 8 - Visions of the Kingdom - David Burgess Listen Download 1hr 3 mins

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