Articles on various Bible topics for you to read at your leisure.

Being patient

How can we learn the patience spoken about in James 5 v 7? What is patience? What do we need to be patient for? read more


What are we listening to? Are our ears listening to God or are they distracted by everyday life? read more


God always keeps his promises, do we? read more

The love of God

God gave his only Son, how will we respond? read more

Lay aside every weight

We all have bad days, bad weeks and sometimes even bad years, How do we cope with this? read more

Our work in Africa

Information on the work we do in Africa. read more

The life-line

A short article asking the question - do you really want to be saved? read more

The hope of Israel

What are our hopes? read more

The Bible - a message of hope

If you knew you were dying and found out that there was a cure, would you seek it out? read more

The Man of Understanding

Do you have wisdom? read more

What is the Bible?

Who wrote the Bible and what is it for? read more

Daily Readings

Today: 23 January 2018